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(1)A comunity for fellow Jonas Brothers fans to come and express their OJD with other members.

(2)The gratest and most adicting website since Myspace.

(3)A place to honor our Idols Nick, Joe, and Kevin. (Sometimes even Frank the Tank!)
(1)"Have you been on Team Jonas Latley? I live on that site." :D.

(2)"Myspace? Pshh... Im logging on to Team Jonas"

(3)"Have you seen the new pictue of Nick, Joe, Kev, and Frankie at the beach!? ;D. I got the link from Team Jonas."
by Pleasebemine03>coll! :D May 15, 2008
The Jonas Brothers Fansite. Members pay about 35$ a year to get a forum, an over rated member gift, crappy presale tickets, m&g contests, and a whole world of drama.

The Jonas Brothers have virtually no contact with this site, and they never visit it.

Many people think that the m&g contests are rigged, due to certain people who win every time they enter.

there are some girls, who start LOTS of drama about themselves, using secret accounts, it is all a nag for attention, and when girls find out, they get nasty.
Girl 1: did you see anna made an extra account and pretended to hate on herself so people would feel bad for her?
Girl 2: yeah, shes annoying me a lot.
Girl 1: so, i think we should just make her want to leave
Girl 2: okay :) sounds good!

sunweed: theres so many girls who have connections who are stealing meet and greets from us here on Team Jonas!

sane person: please shut up

sunweed: i have theories!

sane person: please shut up
by dontchaaaa August 23, 2009
A place where you can connect with other Jonas Brothers fans. It costs about $35.00 but is worth every cent. It's user range from 9-30 year olds, possible younger and/or older. Some users buy membership to quick access to tickets, but some girls actually chat on their message boards. However, there are boys on there, that are not gay at all. We have lntj which is all us girls gathering at night and poking fun at Joners(:
There are users like Blaise who meet them 50 million times and poke fun at other users who haven't.
Team Jonas Convo
Blaise: OMJ , did you see Joe Jonas as a nerd on that one JONAS episode?
MrsJoeJonas: Yes, he was sooo cute !!!!!
MandyAlwaysKnows: JOE? What about Nick?
Kevinisheaven9: HELLO? KEVIN, DUH!
Sicko: Jonerrrr Boner, Blaise is a stupid poserr
TeamJonasMod: Sicko has just been deleted
by Kevin Is Heaven But Joe's Cool August 17, 2009

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