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A Western Missouri street gang consisting of four real G's from various backgrounds. Known for their obstructive attitude and disrespect for women, this street gang was developed in early fall 2004 and has grown in popularity rapidly earning respect from all who come in contact with the group. Drinkin', fightin' and blazin' up are an everyday way of life for this crew who's name has become known across the city.
One of those members from Team Tators grabbed my bitches ass, then decked me and got away with it because those pussy ass cops are scared to mess with them.
by Deewyne November 25, 2004
A group of Missouri gangstas who live an outta control lifestyle and are known for there i don't give a f*** attitude.
Team Tators is rollin' deep in this club tonight.
by R.D. December 04, 2004

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