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It is a mere astronomical task to use words to convey the greatness that is Team Sexual, however if one had to do so...

Team Sexual is known as a small group of the sexy elite, spawned out of the riff raft of Dowling college; An array of sexy and muscles all around with personality to match there even greater endowments

In other words:

Team Sexual -the studliest, most successful group of men that are second to none. They thrive on excellence and will continue to own till the end of time.
OMG, Team Sexual is hanging out over there.... Literally... and goddamn are they hung!

Does Dowling College have anything other than a slightly overwhelming negro population? ... oh wait, look! it's team sexual!!!

Who's running the beer pong table tonight??? There they are, Team Sexual... as always.
by Team Sexual August 23, 2010
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