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Pronounced like "Tigger," a Teaguer specifically refers to a person born and raised on Chincoteague Island, VA (Chincoteague itself is pronounced like "Shin'-co-teeg", but locals cram it into two syllables, like "Shinc-tee"). Chincoteague is a tourist town located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, known for the wild ponies that live on nearby Assateague Island. Teaguers are fiercely proud of the fact that they're from where they're from, for some reason, and call anyone that has not been born and raised on Chincoteague "come heres," while referring to themselves as "from heres." Teaguers also have a distinct variation of the Southern accent.
Them Teaguers don't take no guff from nobody, I tell you what.
by Z. Tenao December 06, 2011
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