The ultimate of coolness. To do a Teague means the person must of done something which has really impressed everyone. It can only be a positive thing such as winning the lottery.
Oh man he won the lottery, he did a Teague!
by Allahmuha June 25, 2006
Top Definition
A very attarctive man who draws alot of attention to girls he loves women and they love him back. he is wonderful in bed and the girls keep coming back. he is very sweet and caring. his smile is like no other and is very unique.

he knows how to dress.
look at him he kind of looks like a teague

are you ok do you need a teague
by quran15 July 25, 2011
to burn someone, the ultimate con job.
Man he teagued his grandpa for over 100k, pretending to go to law school.
by sucka just don't know March 18, 2009
Smells bad, usually has a last name starting with a "C"

probably likes soccer, eats a lot of cheese, throws things at cats, ect. ect.
Cats fear the one known as Teague
by steve stevenson August 21, 2012
A Moron, Idiot, or general douche.
Person 1 "Andrew is trying to ask out that senior through facebook again. She rejected him yesterday already."

Person 2 "What a teague."
by AngryEyes October 04, 2009
A fat, free loading wigger who does nothing but smoke weed, eat food, and recieves everyday luxuries that usually a person with a job works hard to receive. Although he doesn't deserve it, he thinks he is entitled to these things and will bitch at you if you don't give them to him. He possible has gay tendencies and loves to chat with girls on the internet although he doesn't meet them or have sex. If you weigh over 400 pounds and the above applies to you, you may be a teague
That guy is fucking fat, he must be teague.
a cantonese word which is used to describe the groping of another males penis causing blood to swell to the bellend.
Lie-po though it world be funny to teague Chun-su whilst he was sleeping.
by Allahbebacktofinishurmum June 19, 2006
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