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One who likes to be tea-bagged and is willing to beg for the privledge.
The teabegger fell to his knees and teabegged the stud to teabag him as he trembled with fear before his intimidating balls and conquering cock with his hands helplessly locked to his strong hypnotic ass.
by Dave June 23, 2006
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One who begs to be teabagged by a stud with big strong balls that dominate when used to hump into submission and obedience.
Everyone who met him, tea begged him for his manhood, each took one look at him and could not help become his teabegger.
by Dave June 16, 2006
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One who begs to be teabagged.
On his knees before the stud the tea begger trembled with fear.
by Dave June 19, 2006
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