having to do with the phrases "Teacup Pigged" and "Teacupping". usually is a sexual innuendo having something to do with Bill Clinton and Beck.
John: Hey, what happened to Jane?
Phil: She went out with the loser and the cruise control.
John: hope she doesn't get slick willy teacupped.
by whitecloudsharpie October 25, 2012
Top Definition
1.The act of getting drunk
2. A slang work for getting drunk
yo man lets get teacupped

Man i was so teacupped last night
by tail_ler August 28, 2007
A discret way of inviting someone with flirty intentions...

If its late at night and you change 'tea' to 'coffee' its obvious you're inviting sex.
"I just got tea-cupped" ie someone just made a flirty invite

"Wanna have tea" ie "wanna have sex"
by Tea-enthusiast October 23, 2012
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