A grassroots organization that has no official status in Congress as a political party and has no central organizational structure or governing body. Originally started after a daily news commentator at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange gave a monologue suggestimg government spending and size was out of control and that Americans should have another Tea Party like the one we had for England during the Revolution.

Since that statement groups identifying with the call to action have gathered to protest big government and spending and have over time refined their protests to reiterate the importance of the Founders actions and adherence by government officials to the Principles that formed the U.S. Constitution.
Tea Party
by Threetimewinner September 15, 2011
To call, educate, inspire, and motivate to action all Americans and our elected representatives to restore out of control governments — at all levels — to governments that are operated according to the precepts and principles of our Founders and the limits imposed by our Founding Documents.
Tea party members would be against borrowing from future generations, monetizing debt (printing money to pay own bills), legally require insurance purchase to be a citizen.
by AmericanEagle September 15, 2011
A group of ordinary Americans not bound by a political party or an agenda united for the principles of our Founding Fathers, such as Liberty, frugality, and limited government.
I will organize a Tea Party to help educate and unite our fellow citizens.
by FaithHopeAndLove September 15, 2011
An American grassroots movement whose members are conservative and believe in the founding principle of limited government. The Tea Party believes in a balanced budget and pushes for fiscal responsibility in Washington. The Tea Party believes in reduced federal spending and a reduction in the national debt. Members are concerned Americans that are trying to push for common sense in Washington and they are trying to restore truth and honor to America. These individuals are conservatives, libertarians, Americans and are people that believe in the truth and nothing less!
I went to a Tea Party rally where we waved American flags and called for limited government, reduced spending, and a repeal of ObamaCare!
by americantexan September 15, 2011
Like minded individuals who oppose large government and its over reaching regulation.
Tea party members respect the constitution.
by tpart September 15, 2011
What the Tea Party movement is. It is a growing number of ordinary people who instinctively know that something is very wrong. It is a growing number of people who have had enough! It is a growing number of people who are finding their voice as well as finding the courage to use that voice to say "We have had enough!" The Tea Party movement is made up of ordinary people from all walks of life, Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike who are willing to stand up and take all the smears and the lies that the people who fear them the most will throw at them. It is all about accountability and responsibility.

It is not a corporation. It is not lead by or funded by any corporation. You cannot point to anyone and say "There is the Leader of The Tea Party"
Like I said it is ordinary people who have had enough of out of control government spending. It is people who have had enough of an ever expanding intrusive government. The Tea party is not anti-government. It is pro-Constitution and limiting the power of government. It is all about family and friends helping each other. We do not need big Government to take of us.

Very simply the Tea Party is a State of Mind
tea party members are state of mind clear thinking individuals seeking the truth.
by freyer tuck September 15, 2011
3.) Tea Party members are Americans who are tired of political lies on both sides of the isle, they are tired of excessive and abundantly wasteful government spending, and they are tired of those who embrace mediocrity as a means to get by rather then embraces the historically rare and unheard of opportunity presented by this incredible republic. That being: the chance to make of ones self that which one desire, without persecution, and without hindrance.

4.) The Tea Party is a group of people whose ideals are terrifying to those who embrace the large and powerful government philosophy, those who crave power, control, and see humanity as pawns on a chess board. Yet the Tea Party, despite being branded as racist, hate mongers, Nazis, Anti-Semites, and a plethora of other less then desirable terms, surges forward through non-violent, productive exercises in education, service and awareness to the cause of freedom. They fight for freedom of speech, religion, the right to bare arms etc. so much so, that they would even fight for progressives, liberals and blinded Americans to continue to have the freedom to launch grenades of outlandish, hateful, vile, and grotesquely inaccurate lies though the media and to ears and minds of the America people in a desperate attempt to discredit the Tea Party.
"The Tea Party is actually fighting for the rights of everyone!! Incredible!!"
by Texas Patriot (One Individual) September 16, 2011

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