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A corporate-funded astroturf campaign disguised as a grass roots movement. A movement who's main objective is to further enrich the top 1% through various subversive means such as cutting the top tax rate (which is already the lowest it's been since the 1920s), and which has little agenda otherwise.
The Tea Party Patriots Official American Grassroots Movement is actually just a disingenuous attempt by the billionaire Koch brothers and Fox News to shift the country's economic policy further in favor of wealthy, powerful elites, ignoring the fact that such policies under George Dubya led to the Great Recession.
by big gubmint librul October 21, 2011
The Tea Party Patriots’ story began in 2008, when some people began to realize the government was growing and growing. Then in 2009 the government grew so big so fast that millions of people noticed. Families, friends and neighbors began to pull together to stand up for our freedoms. These grassroots rallies were called Tea Parties, inspired by the Boston Tea Party of the Country’s Founding Fathers. On February 27th, 2009, the first nationwide Tea Party was held. At that time the three core principals; Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets were formed.
Today’s Tea Party Patriots are just like the American colonists. The colonists fought King George III because they wanted to govern themselves. That is all the Tea Party Patriots want! There are now tens of millions of Tea Party Patriots working to ensure America remains a shining beacon of freedom for the whole world! Become a Tea Party Patriot today and help us!
The Tea Party Patriots Official American Grassroots Movement stands for Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government & Free Markets
by tippycup July 31, 2011

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