A common term used to describe the current Minister of Defence, Geoff Hoon.

This TLA is also used in polite company for the user to avoid saying "That Cunt Hoon"
"You're lying like TCH !"


"You piece of shit ! You've less morals than TCH !"

(Obviously this last example is a case of exaggeration, it is an impossibility for anyone to possess less morals than TCH)
by Cutaway August 22, 2004
Top Definition
The sound made by pressing the tounge against the front of the roof of your mouth, applying pressure, and releasing. This is normally used in times of frustration or disatisfation.
"Timmy, your fish has died"
by Trimm October 21, 2003
The written representation of a scoff. Usually used in times of disagreement.
Tch. That's not true.
by Pineapple Jones September 09, 2010
A reaction of disatifaction and/or indifference; thought to have originated amoung valley girls and AE wangstas.
"Like, OH MY GOD! Julie is such a slut, she banged that dirty sk8er boi while getting a french manicure!"
"Tch! Like, totally."
by Pimpette Masta J December 08, 2003
A Sound Made To resemble a slap when someone or something acts stupid
Bob- My computer aint working
Kon- I think its that fan
Bob- TCH!
by Bobboi May 16, 2006
An uninterested response to a statement.
"Yes! Wheel of Fortune is on!"
by Dirkthered September 20, 2006
The 40 minute "You are a complete asshole" speech given by wives and girlfriends who are frustrated with their men, all in one sound.
"Honey, I'm sorry I was <insert excuse here>..."
by Lolita January 16, 2004

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