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Possibly the lamest, most dumbed-down TV station ever to broadcast. Every week they show the same terrible movies (cut of course), the worst reality shows, the stupidest sitcoms and now they even show Sex and the City, cut of course. Might be a good station if they didn't censor everything, or if they showed some actual films other than the most brain-dead ones possible.
Tbs sucks. Typical American trash.
by matt December 07, 2004
14 42
Tech Bitch Syndrom---Typically used on girl from Georgia Tech but can be substituted for any school with a larger male population. The girl, commonly uncool when surround by girls from other schools, becomes a bitch when many desperate college guys realize that is all they have.
That girl has major TBS, she took my alcohol and left.

Jenny Long
by anonymous September 23, 2003
535 302
The Best Sex
by Ms.DZ February 28, 2011
260 55
A legit encinitas based gang that was founded in 2000. The gang holds manabreast destiny as there only law
I keep asking OG Rocka if i can get in to TBS but each time he bars me and says i don't pull hard enough
by Harlow thug 1187 September 24, 2008
12 38
To Be Seen... A female chav hangs around with teenage boys to make themselves look good. Slags of all her friends and wears big cheap gold earings. Commonly waers silly mini skirt and stupid FM boots. Oh and dont forget the mountians of makeup
Just watch Little Britian... you'll see.

Or go to any major shopping centre... always plenty there!
by XentriX February 09, 2005
9 35
A mythical training ground, which helps officers believe they are better than enlisted
I am a lieutenant, i graduated TBS... yeah whatever sir!
by fubar1234567 January 28, 2011
7 34
taking back sunday: a post-hardcore/emo/indie band
I love tbs! I <3 them! I <3 adam!
by April 10, 2005
120 147
Stands for 'typical bloody SITA': the Head of Marketing in floods of tears after the CEO has slept through a presentation; backbiting colleagues; bewildering delays in payments; world hunger.
'Have the invoices been paid?'

'I know it's three months overdue, but it's TBS I'm afraid.'
by Uncle Whippity January 12, 2004
47 74