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1. Taztazeada v. (Tas-ta-cya-da) - A term coined by the natives of Central America, mainly El Salvador/Honduras. Meaning a forceful blow, or any combination of ass-whooping strikes unto a person, preferably an offspring. A 'Taztazeada' is not to be mistaken for a Macaniada, Putiza, Vergiada, Chingadazos, or Putazos; all of which are similar, but less intense forms of a 'Taztazeada'.
'Hijo de la gran sesentamil puta boz ya la cagas, serote cara de perro! Te voy a meter una Taztazeada pa que aprenda'hm, y la proxima vez sera peor! Estupido, majen, basura! Lar'gate hijo'eputa!

Translation: 'You son of a bitch, you done fucked up now, turd ass dog face! I'ma whoop your lil ass, teach your ass a lesson! Next time, it'll be worse! Stupid, retarded ass, you're garbage! GTFO son of a whore!
by MacJ209 January 19, 2011
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