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A Super Hot Chick that lives in Canada thats just really awesome really cute, has an amazing laugh a perfect smile and is just pain fun to be around. E Muja Oui
dude i saw tazma last week and she is so hot
by EMujaOui September 27, 2011
a super duper hot chick, lucky to have her as a sister, has really long curly hair a pretty rare name to use, tall, has a model like body, really mature, and has a huge amount of friends that she never argues with and who she can rely on.
Girl: Hey have you talked to Tazma lately?
Guy: Yeah i met up with her the other day and OMG her hair is sooo long and curly, i am just in love with her and her hair.
Girl: i Wish that i was her real sister
Guy i wish that i was her real brother
by HI PERSON ;P January 12, 2016
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