A term of endearment for an Arabic grandmother, more generically meaning simply grandmother. The term is usually used when speaking directly to the grandmother, and not necessarily about her.
"Hi tayta, how are you today?"

or in Arabic:

"Marhaba tayta, keef haleek il youm?"
by gifted_not_talented December 25, 2009
Top Definition
The Most Amazingly Beautiful person you will ever know. Caring personality, great looks, talented in every-way possible.
Dude! You see that girl?
Yea man, Shes definitely a Taytum
by They Call Me....Kernal March 19, 2011
Quechuan word meaning "father" or "dad", largely used in Ecuador, even by non-Quechuan speakers.
¿Donde esta tu tayta?
Is that your tayta?

Person 1: I overheard some Ecuadorians talk about their tayta, and I had no ideo what they were talking about.
Person 2: They were talking about their dad
Person 1: Oh ok.
by eddybud June 16, 2015
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