When a female work colleague takes a bit of flirting too far at an office get together and ends up doing the entire male workforce. The grainy pictures taken by your female work colleagues will invariably end up on Facebook.
"Man, i hope your wife doesn't find out you got Taylored tonight or she'll cut your balls off"

"Dave, there's a free bar at the Christmas party tonight with any luck we'll get Taylored"
by Bob Foster April 21, 2008
Top Definition
its a way of life, doing what you want and customizing your life to you, not caring what people think about it.
"dude why are you lazy all the time? you never do anything!"
untaylored answer- "im not hecka lazy!!!!!"
taylored answer- "its cool if you think that cause im taylored"
by BIGsleepee February 22, 2011
(adj) - wearing Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes. Popularized by Wiz Khalifa as a pun on "tailored."
Throw it up 'cause every nigga that I'm with Taylored
by Lennalf September 13, 2012
Being dumped by Taylor Swift and having a song written about you.
John Mayer was taylored so hard.
by I<3Taylor July 11, 2013
To be given a blowjob by a fat slut in school and then get expelled
Those boys got Taylored 3rd period.
by ergioufiojeg June 09, 2010
When one tricks another into giving, doing, or acting for that person.

Also another name for a black person.
" I got the last cupcake, but Steve talored me into giving it to him."

"Steve taylored John into giving him the bottom bunk"

" Did you see that taylor walk bye"

by J Rizz June 26, 2006
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