The act of dragging one's ass across the floor of a strange location with their pants around their ankles. Sometimes accompanied with the yelling of "O Long Johnson," if anyone is actually seen doing this they must be a HARDCORE South Park fan.
"I would've been more impressed if he interrupted the debate by Taylor Swifting." - Rick Santorum
by 93<l<0 March 29, 2012
1. While having a picture taken, the subject strikes a pose resembling an old dog who is wiping its butthole by means of dragging itself across the floor by the front paws.
"Dude I totally Taylor Swifted at that party last night."

"Meet me at 5pm at the bar, I will be Taylor Swifting the dance floor."
by Captain Encyclopaedia March 29, 2012
The art of pulling down your pants and rubbing your ass across the floor. Made famous by South Parks att stone and Trey Parker.
Faith Hilling is sooo 200late.
If they would have Taylor Swifted, it would have been a lot more impressive. Taylor Swifting is the best.
by James Crank June 20, 2012
To drag your ass along the ground like a dog as a type of meme.
Q. Hey what are you going to do tonight Ralph?

A. Oh, I think i'm going to go Taylor Swifting with Ron and Linda.
by example1 April 01, 2012
Where a couple can't decide to stay together or break up for good, and go through the cycle of breaking up and getting back together in a matter of a few hours
They kept taylor swifting with each other for two weeks and it was driving everybody crazy.
by pecanlove June 01, 2013
The act of pulling one's pants down, sitting on the ground, and pulling yourself across the floor like an old dog.
Debbie: What is he doing?
Jim: Oh Tyler is just Taylor Swifting, its the new picture meme.
by p90nub March 30, 2012
The act of pulling down your pants and wiping your ass on the ground like an old dog.
Hank "Hey guys you wanna go planking?"

Kyle "Na man thats so 2000 and late. Lets go Taylor Swifting down the school halls!"
by Garfunkel Jenkins March 28, 2012

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