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RULE 1- take everything guys say with a grain of salt because they are just trying to get with u, so then u never really make a connection with any of them that is deep and that u could build a relationship off of
RULE 2- dont give a fuck if a guy isn't into or does want to hook up with u, fuck him its his loss your too good looking for him anyways
RULE 3- think like a boy, once u can think like a boy then we move on to rule 4
RULE 4- is hook up like a boy. by this i mean don't get your feelings too attached, this also goes along with rule 2 if he doesn't call u after a hookup then fuck him hes not good enough for u
RULE 5- party like a rockstar, the more fun u r having without a boyfriend the more u don't need one
RULE 6- laugh at yourself, if u get made fun of for a bad decision or two u can't take yourself too seriously because the most important thing u should be doing is having fun and doing what feels right in the moment
RULE 7- u need to think with your va-jay-jay not you heart, sometimes u need to be a little slutty, the best way to get over one guy is to get under another one, i'm not saying slut it up all the time but sometimes u need to give in to your hormonal urges, if u don't u r just going to be a horny bitch
Follow any of Taylor's Hookup Rules if you are a girl and you will get laid.
by Best_buy February 04, 2010
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