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The hot metro of Hanson. Also the talented metro of Hanson. Yes, he looks most like a chick, but he's still the hottest
"He's so chick like, but at the same time so hot!"
by Alexie October 13, 2004
326 111
hot singer keyboardist of the band Hanson.
The middle one in Hanson. Plays the piano.
by Christa January 16, 2005
267 70
The middle brother of late 90's pop group Hanson who got his 18 year old girlfriend pregnant and married her before he was even old enough to drink legally in the USA.
Brian so pulled a Taylor Hanson. Him and Michelle are set to get married in a month and she's 4 months pregnant.
by Ava March 20, 2005
130 121
The gay one. Although this piano playing, lead singing member of Hanson is married with two children, he still leaves the world confused. Blessed with a 'unique?' fashion sense and unprecedented ability to talk with his hands, Mr Taylor "The Gay One" Hanson leaves the world questioning the accuracy of it's gaydar.
"Aww, there's the gay one and his wife... I wonder if he'll stop for an autograph! Where do you think the fat one and the disposable one ran off to?"
by Steph April 25, 2005
85 232
gay fucking wanker singer of hanson
"That guy...is a SHIT CUNT"
by LEM - Chino January 18, 2005
54 371