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1. The most beautiful/gorgeous girl a person will come in contact with. Her stunning looks cause men to do whatever she wants them to do. She can have anybody she wants but she stays loyal to who she has. Her personality is also what every man searches for. Shes is very sweet but also a very tough girl. Amazing smile and never looks bad in any outfit. Nothing or no one can ever compare to her.2. Girl with a donk.
1.That girls is a Tayce. She is Tayce status.

2. Dang look at that Tayce over there.
by Chazg1 October 26, 2011
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#1. A sex god.
#2. The only nice guy you'll ever meet.
#3. A true master of life itself.
#1: I just talked to God!!!
#2: No, you talked to Tayce. But there's no difference.
by Taycay June 26, 2016
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1. A true master of life itself.
2. The best boyfriend of all fricking time and the original sex god.
3. Frank Sinatra
Girl 1: OMG I wuz with Tayce last night.
Girl 2: Wait, you're talking about Frank Sinatra.
Girl 1: Same difference.
by Taycay June 26, 2016
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