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The most awesome badass that you will ever meet in your whole f"n life. He is the bestest brother anyone could ever have. He gives the most amazing nugs ever and his hugs are pretty damn good too. He is a guy that after you meet you will wish that every guy was somewhat like him. He is very respectful and understanding, also always the is always there for you.... He is the biggest dork ever but, we still love him! Oh and dont forget that he is a big flirt that always wants to look his best, he always has his little white comb in his pocket, but it always works out for him becasue he always is with a ton of girls (girls who love him).
Ashley: "bro do you see that."
Emily: "You sound like Tayber saying bro, and see what?"
Ashley: "tayber is trying to show that girl what face to make when you kiss."
Emily: " Yep that is totally a Tayber."
by Tobshley December 29, 2011
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