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Tawni, will surprise you every chance you give her. Unique in most ways, Tawni is incomparably cute and sweet with enough intelligence to strike most country music fans blind. When a Tawni smiles, somewhere in the northern hemisphere an iceberg melts and falls into the sea. Consequently, Tawni is directly responsible for the near extinction of the polar bear as well as countless life extinguishing tropical storms and floods. But if you had a chance to get to know her better you probably wouldn't be able to hold it against her, because its too hard to get or stay mad at Tawni, especially when shes smiling at you. Intentionally causing someone named Tawni pain is the karmic equivalent of executing unicorns. Tawni is beautiful in so many ways it will confuse you, but don't be too afraid of being crushed by her shrouding gracefulness, because her only real flaw is not knowing just how much she deserves out of life or the people in it. Odds are good that if you know a Tawni, shes not getting the adoration she deserves.
I really wish I'd known Tawni so much sooner, for sure some things would be better
by Boy In Green September 03, 2012
A sweet, beautiful girl, with the cutest laugh in the world, which basically makes everyone crack up. Everyone loves her, for a good reason. Tawni is incredibly kind and caring, and a blast to be around
I love tawni!!!
by Meyme September 23, 2010
The goddess of beauty and perfection she is the most beautiful thing you would ever see and when she smiles it would change you're life for the better and if you give it time you would fall for this goddess
Iam obsessed with tawni
by Mishimo July 16, 2016
Trashy Adult With No Initiative
"That T.A.W.N.I. just complains about the suffering Native Americans but only lifts a finger to post on Facebook."

"That fat fuck'n TAWNI can't even pull her own weight"

"Look at that frumpy TAWNI having a fat attack and stomping her hooves"
by jesus'tod August 29, 2014
A sexy blonde girl with a HUGE ass.
Daaammmnn thats a NICE Tawni!
by Bobby Mc bobob July 10, 2008
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