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A shitty town in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand. Taupo has one of the highest STD rates in New Zealand and is next to an ancient Supervolcano submerged under a lake. Most people in Taupo spend their days rooting and smoking pot in their State owned houses before getting in their dilapidated, unregistered Holden Kingswood's and going down to the benefit office to collect their dole cheque and make an excuse why they are not paying their child support.
The rest of New Zealand lives in hope that the Supervolcano will one day erupt again and destroy all signs of Taupo.
Boy 1: Hey bro I'm cruising down to Taupo want to come?
Boy 2: Nah, I'm still riddled from the last time.
by kiwi_boi October 18, 2013
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