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A "tatool" is a dooshbag who is tatted. It originally came from men with either lower-back tats or men with barbed wire and/or tribal tattoos. Today the terms is coined towards hipster men who think a tattoo is a quick ticket to swagger.

People who overdo tattoos fall into this category. I'm not talking about prison inmates or local bar street trash. I'm talking about upper-middle class white kids who think getting tatted up will impress the ladies.

A "tatool" is usually accompanied by hoop earrings... the earrings that are expanded through time to a bigger and bigger and bigger hoop.

A "tatool" WILL always find a reason to show off his tattoos. It could be 20 below zero and they will roll up their sleeves to show off those inks. Sometimes,,, they'll only roll up the sleeve exposing one arm, and sometimes one pant leg.

A "tatool" has a morning regiment... that involves applying vitamin E and cocoa butter to their tats.

A "tatool" is usually broke because they spend all their money on tats, hoop earings, and converse high tops.

A "tatool" doesn't usually act tough but in bars they'll go out of their way to show off their tattoos as if they're badges of honor they've earned in Nam.
Blake Shelton is a Tatool
by Ethics Warrior part 2 June 02, 2011
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