The act of putting skittles into some unlikely body part for the purposes of feeding another. See pez dispenser, orbit gumming.
Sean: How's it going there, Jess?
Jess: Mmmmpph Mmph!
Sean: Pull your head out for a second. I can't understand a word you're saying.
Jess: I taste it! I taste it! I taste the rainbow! (She looks up at Sean with a speckled smile).
Sean: (Disgusted) Ok, back to work. (Closes his eyas and leans in).
by Pantaloon January 17, 2008
Top Definition
When a straight person has a homosexual experience.
Jenny: I saw Mary is so hot
Jane: Yeah, I would taste the rainbow with her
by nomi12791 April 19, 2008
To have sex or sexual activity with people of various races.
Bro, you did a black, Asian, and Mexican chick in one week??

Yeah man, I taste the rainbow
by TtlyNotaJew April 10, 2011
When a man inserts Skittles into his penis, then cums inside of the mouth of another individual. Hence allowing that person to,"Taste the Rainbow."
#1,"Sorry to tell you this man but I made your wife taste the rainbow."
#2,"It's ok cause i know how much your wife likes to taste the rainbow."
by Lion Tiger April 04, 2010
When a man eats a girl out whilst she is suffering from blue waffle.
Guy: Hey I heard your gf has blue waffle!?

Guy 2 : You bet! I love to Taste the Rainbow!
by Bagdelene April 06, 2011
1)An extraordinary brotherhood of an amazing drumline. (usually very attractive to girls and gay males).2)Each member has a secret color code name. (i.e- Red, Yellow..ect.) 3)Girls enjoy swooning over them.
Girl 1: "My oh my, the Rainbow is just totally rad."
Gay Guy 1: "Gee wizz! i could just Taste The Rainbow!"
Girl 2: "Oh yes! Red appears to be quite scrumptious this evening!"
Girl 3: "And Yellow!!!, he looks so marvvy!" *bats eyelashes*
by fancytalkers:) November 05, 2010
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