Eating a chick out when she'z on her rag.
Them Skittles commercials just ain't right anymore.
Thomas L. couldn't stand not tasting annie, so he pinched his nose tasted her rainbow, alll night long. He didn't count on the yeast but oh well.
by Bob and Tom March 18, 2005
Top Definition
When a straight person has a homosexual experience.
Jenny: I saw Mary is so hot
Jane: Yeah, I would taste the rainbow with her
by nomi12791 April 19, 2008
To have sex or sexual activity with people of various races.
Bro, you did a black, Asian, and Mexican chick in one week??

Yeah man, I taste the rainbow
by TtlyNotaJew April 10, 2011
The act of putting skittles into some unlikely body part for the purposes of feeding another. See pez dispenser, orbit gumming.
Sean: How's it going there, Jess?
Jess: Mmmmpph Mmph!
Sean: Pull your head out for a second. I can't understand a word you're saying.
Jess: I taste it! I taste it! I taste the rainbow! (She looks up at Sean with a speckled smile).
Sean: (Disgusted) Ok, back to work. (Closes his eyas and leans in).
by Pantaloon January 17, 2008
When a man inserts Skittles into his penis, then cums inside of the mouth of another individual. Hence allowing that person to,"Taste the Rainbow."
#1,"Sorry to tell you this man but I made your wife taste the rainbow."
#2,"It's ok cause i know how much your wife likes to taste the rainbow."
by Lion Tiger April 04, 2010
When a man eats a girl out whilst she is suffering from blue waffle.
Guy: Hey I heard your gf has blue waffle!?

Guy 2 : You bet! I love to Taste the Rainbow!
by Bagdelene April 06, 2011
1)An extraordinary brotherhood of an amazing drumline. (usually very attractive to girls and gay males).2)Each member has a secret color code name. (i.e- Red, Yellow..ect.) 3)Girls enjoy swooning over them.
Girl 1: "My oh my, the Rainbow is just totally rad."
Gay Guy 1: "Gee wizz! i could just Taste The Rainbow!"
Girl 2: "Oh yes! Red appears to be quite scrumptious this evening!"
Girl 3: "And Yellow!!!, he looks so marvvy!" *bats eyelashes*
by fancytalkers:) November 05, 2010
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