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An extreme and potentially dangerous new practice among young people in their teens and twenties. A taser is obtained and its probe dismantled and the ends placed on each partner's backs. Foreplay and sex begin normally, but at the moment before orgasm, one partner squeezes the trigger to deliver a 50,000 volt shock. The electricity travels mostly along the wettest point of contact between them. Both partners experience extreme pain, paralysis, and some claim unimaginably pleasurable, intense orgasms. A relatively new practice, since previous model tasers would deliver shock as long as the trigger was held and if the person who held the trigger received the shock, he’d be unable to let go and simply drain the batteries while both partners received first and second degree burns and long-term muscle spasticity. (2004 Law Enforcement Medical Registry)
"Gillian says she enjoys tasergasms more than traditional orgasms, but doesn't partake in them often because of the resulting cramps and involuntary urination."
by Lucent December 25, 2004
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A tasergasm happens when you shocking your body (with a taser or anything similar), mainly your back, just right before (or during) an orgasm to intensify the feeling. They say an orgasm will feel more, well, electrifying and powerful, even more so than orgasms through chocking or spanking yourself.

A tasergasm is a form of erotic electrostimulation.
Right before I came, I pushed the button to have my tasergasm and I was in heaven. My body was pulsating with pleasure. The electric shock turned pain into pleasure instantly, and just made the feeling more pleasurable.
by inconsolable January 26, 2014
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