verb: to taser means to draw one's hand back and jab at rapid speed into the neck/jugular of a victim. Make the "tsss" sound while tasering. The neck area is merely a guide line. for best results taser a person who is unsuspecting, and laugh at their misfortune.
Yo man, Colleen was eating dinner in the dining hall, I creped up behind that cunt, and tasered her to the point that I left a bruise. Wow what a towel...
by Andrew Wright October 07, 2007
a double handed version of the shocker where the thumbs are pointed up for clitoral stimulation, the index and middle finger are vaginally inserted, the ring fingers are clasped together for stability and both pinkeys are inserted into the anus.
After I stretched her out with the shocker, I surprised her by administering the taser with both hands.
by Madison J October 18, 2003
hump people for phun
i taser
by poopy man September 27, 2003

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