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A cheap Filipina or Filipino who clings on to white men as their lovers and sometimes uses them as benefactors. They look cheap with cheap highlights, dark skin and cheap cut-off denim shorts/skirts. Sometimes they are actual escorts or prostitutes. Very commonly found in Cafe Havana in Greenbelt, Malate, and other places in the metro.
-Look at that girl sitting with the white guys, she's such a tarsier.
-Ang daming tarsier sa Makati, ang chaka nila.
by BrownBoyxxx February 26, 2010
V. To stare with a blank, wide eyed, expression usually out of surprise or disbelief; to have an expression reminiscent of the "Carlito Syrichta" aka. the Tarsier.
"I thought I was prepared for the midterm, but when I saw it I totally tarsiered"

"She didn't say anything when I broke the bad news, she just tarsiered for a good solid two minutes."
by liinguist April 16, 2015
a freaky little demon that has eyes the size of a softball. They watch nerds jack off.
"Nerd: That little tarsier watched me pull my winkie!"
by Gregory Webb January 25, 2009
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