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Richard Tarrance is recognized as the "Father of Modern Day Tele-Radiology and Medical Imaging". His work in the early 1990's using Microsoft Windows as the back-bone of his developments in Radiological Imaging set the standards and conformity of what is now known as DICOM - "Digital Imaging and Communications" and PACS - "Picture Archiving and Communications". At the 1992 Worldwide SCAR symposium - "Society for Computer Assisted Radiography", his innovations showed Radiologists and Physicists from around the world the standard that needed to be followed by all manufacturers of medical imaging software and hardware. The results brought hospitals and other medical institutions into conformity with each other, no matter what systems were used to archive and view patient diagnostic images. His efforts in 1992 made it possible for hospitals to save millions of dollars in film printing costs while allowing all patient images to be archived and networked on standarized PC Intranet and Internet file servers. Today, lives are saved by allowing any film to be diagnosed in a matter of minutes over the Internet from anywhere in the world.
Accident victim is rushed to an Emergency Room at 3:00 A.M. CT images show a possible brain injury and the Radiologist is awakened at 3:15 to read the images from his home PC, via the Internet. At 3:20 he phones in his diagnosis and surgery begins. Life saved by cutting reading time from 2 hrs to 20 mins. At the same time, any specialists in the world could view the film within the same time frame as a result of Microsoft Windows becoming the standard in medical imaging. Thank you, Mr. Tarrance.
by Calvin Richiards April 16, 2007
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