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Someone about to be killed by a chimp and/or a garbage disposal expert. Can also be used to refer to a drunk and high girl in juvenile prison.
Don't pull a Taria.
by EvilPuppetMaster February 22, 2012
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Taria often refers to a girl who is a player, or a cougar. It can also be used as another name for sex. The name Taria is also used to describe female students who have sexual intercourse with teachers.
Boy: "Lets do a Taria, baby."
Girl: "Oh! Seun! I llluuurrrvvvee you!"
Boy: "I know you've been a Taria..."
Girl: "Oh! Oh! Ahhh! AH! YES! HIT ME!"
by The ... Fairy May 10, 2012
Gay intercourse between two men, or a "gangsta" word for sex.
Chubba: Mmmm Seun! Come on!!! Yes!
Seun: I'm gonna make a taria out of you tonight! Oh you're such taria! Yes! I know you want it you little taria!
by bwunnywabbit November 22, 2012

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