In World of Warcraft, people who play all the time but aren't any good are called tardcore.
That guild raids 40 hours a week but they have the same progression as somebody's alt guild that raids 8 hours a week. They're so tardcore.
by sword of a thousand truths May 26, 2010
Music that is just retarted. But very oringal and not really any typical scene.Very entertaing! Example- Bloodhound Gang.
"'Cause life is a game that no one wins
But you deserve a head-start the way your life's goin'
So throw in the towel 'cause your life ain't shit
No take that towel and hang yourself with it
Life's short and hard like a body-building elf
So save the planet and kill yourself
If you're feelin' down-and-out with what your life is all about
Lift your head up high and blow your brains out" Is an example of tardcore music.
by PPPEEENNNIIISSS July 02, 2005

Relating closely to the subgenre of whiney music known as "emo", tardcore spawns an endless line of generic bands deprived of a musical life outside of depression. Lyrical themes usually consist of broken hearts, ex girlfriends/boyfriends, lost loves, failing relationships, etc. No creativity, lack of flowing rhythm in the music itself. General earcandy for younger teens wanting to lash out because of broken hearts. Also, the general mixing of hardcore with metal, A.K.A. "metalcore".

Both nicked' "tardcore" by fans of Heavy Metal.
That whiny Alexisonfire CD is total tardcore.
by Jadorade October 26, 2003
retarded, dumb, stupid, ugly, etc people, trying to act hardcore. or just a person or mass of the aforementioned type of people.
wow, mindtwist's pic is tardcore

that ripper guy that killed himself was fucking tardcore

by starcake June 02, 2003
May refer to porn with mentally challenge people, sometimes specific to folks with down syndrome.
-Is there any porn with down syndrome dudes?

-Op neds to search tardcore in some underground forums.
by headphoneguy19 August 23, 2015

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