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Short for Retarded Escapade . . .
Intention to complete an (a)action(s) FAIL due to someone else's inability to comply / comprehend.
I asked him for the AMEX card, he said he didn't have it, I Tardcapaded for 10 minutes looking for it, all over the house and out in the truck, everywhere. I asked him to help me find it, he stood up and took it out of his pocket, saying " oh I had it , sorry!" Damn Tardcapade

I Tardcapaded around the house like forever looking for the keys, only to eventually find them still in the keyhole, freaking Tardcapade.

They went on a 20 minute Tardcapade trying to look for something HE misplaced...

Going to the store to get two or more of something and they only have 1, or nothig is a Tardcapade.
by |EStarr| December 14, 2009
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