Tard Ass : some one who is being a bit of a DICK HEAD and being supremley stupid and non sensical at the same time.
mike : yo man, yo momma is one fat sombitch, i bet she eats corn dogs fro breakfast.
by mish February 11, 2005
Top Definition
One who is so stupid that they move beyond the tard stage to tardass. Step two of three in the tard dimension.
"Brandon, you have been demoted to tardass."

"One more step until I reach the highest level of tarddom!"
by Shimdaddy July 07, 2003
A noun in which specifically describes a person who is acting really stupid and retarded at the same time.
Why did you just stick you're hand in that bear trap, you fucking tardass?
by Ashley~The One and Only~ July 15, 2008
some one who is obnixous and or a fucking retard
god alex you are such a tardass
by mike budinsk March 10, 2009
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