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A misanthropic female with a foul mouth who hates everything unrelated to music, literature, documentaries, animals, or alcohol.

Possesses an impeccable taste in home furnishings and fashion.

She has a low tolerance for bullshit, idiots, and shady people. Try not to piss her off or double-cross her. She'll systematically destroy your life from the inside out.

Taraka is also comparable to a honey badger because she too, like the honey badger, doesn't give a sh*t.
You are a true Taraka!
by Agent_T June 26, 2011
A dangerous being that inhabits the lands of IRC. It is completely insane, and tends to mention sex a lot, and wanting to eat babies. Avoid at all cost! To demonstrate the danger of a taraka, we present the following quote: "<+Taraka> uckfa ouya royusta". The taraka has not given us a translation, or a comprehensible answer.
Watch out for that taraka lurking in here!
by deejayhr August 25, 2008
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