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Tapsithe: TAP-sahyth pronunciation similar to 'capsize'

noun, slang: vulgar
1. Grave insult, meaning 'waste of sperm' in relation to a person.

2. The devotion of time to a useless activity.
3. Sometimes used to indicate a bad harvest year.
4. A sterile man.

verb past tense: tapsithed
5. To waste time on a useless activity.
6. To fail a simple task.
7. To give birth to a deformed infant.
8. To lose one's virility.

Origin: 1665-75; appar. var. of Old Norse Tapt, meaning forfeit, and Sæði, meaning seed.
"General Custer was a tapsithe for several reasons."

"That fool that stole my girlfriend? He couldn't even get it up for her. What a tapsithe."

"I tapsithed an easy spelling test because I forgot it was today."

"After Shannon dumped him, he completely tapsithed. Won't even go out anymore."

"Ugh, my first-year Seminar class is a total tapsithe. I could be involved in a play but, because of this bullshit class, I get to waste an hour of my life every Monday & Wednesday instead."
by aysia222 September 21, 2011

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