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A term used in the wrestling community for when something is extremely funny. Or when a person gives up in a wrestling match do to a submissions. A wrestling fan's version of "lol"
Holy shit, dude. This post about Michael Cole is so funny! I'm tapping out!
Look, Daniel Bryan's got the LeBell lock on Wade Barrett. I think he's tapping out!
by Coleminor December 30, 2011
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Complete voluntary leave on a conversation or situation. Forcing yourself out of the room.
"Dude, Eddie, that's some messed up shit right there. I'm tapping out. "
by FTdubya December 27, 2014
Making the decision to leave the modern post-collegiate life of living in New York City to move home or to another city less exciting.
Liz is tapping out. Rent is too expensive so she is moving home with her parents.
by BigRed562928 May 30, 2014

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