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The art of shitting in as big a surface area as possible, smearing your hands in it and making a wonderful mural on the closest wall.

A combination of "tattoo" and "poo", it can also be used to mean the consumption of the turd.
"Oh my God, did you see the tapoo your toddler's just done? It's like a fucking Picasso!"

"Jesus, she has the tapoo in her teeth"
by Mortical Zombie November 17, 2011
Tapoo (tap-oo) - Meaning anything you want it to mean. The ability to say anything you want in a secret way.
I tapoo you.
by campcasey June 24, 2009
The act of sticking a lit joint in someone's eye.
Last night was totally rockin' until Jim tapooed me. That shit stung like a bitch!
by Jim23894759832938475 April 14, 2009

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