A slang form of table used by rednecks or dumb people.
I left my bindor on the taple in the keetchen at home !
by pistachio the mustachio April 22, 2011
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To put something back together using a combination of tape and staples.

Note: This is a tempoaray fix and will most likely act as a last resort when all else has failed.
"My textbook was falling apart, but I tapled it in an effort to keep it in one piece until the end of the year."
by BFerrari April 01, 2009
It's when you have to tape and staple so take the staple and tape cause you'll need them!
Your going to have to taple the rules and regulations of the office in diffrent location in the office.

by RustyPixie8808 May 20, 2008
Hindi word for boobies!! (.)(.)
kya solid taple hain baapu
by kingOfDicks May 28, 2004
America word meaning default; in a default way; indifferent
Before the circus clown stared down another line of cream pies, he wished he had chosen a more taple career.

Bob was hoping his bad day would improve to at least taple
by Unililly June 07, 2006
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