Your boss comes down and taps you on your shoulder to let you know you're fired.
You better close that window or it's taps for you.
by Nimadea June 25, 2007
Tight Ass Pussy

For some reason, it's a regulation to wear short shorts in Volleyball--I wonder who made those rules.

The hell if I care though, it makes the game fun to watch.
Women in lycra/spandex volleyball shorts...
by Troy H February 19, 2004
Tight Ass Pussy
Damn!!! Homegirl had that (TAP) tight ass pussy.
by TokyoWard November 05, 2013
Glaswegian Term.
to "tap" someone is to get a short term loan from someone.
Here, can you tap me two quid for my train ticket.
by glesga patter July 29, 2012
Tits, Ass, & Pussy

Abbreviation used when you can't use the words in a public forum, especially online.
Man, I typed "backdoor entry" into Google and got a bunch of TAP. It was hot!
by hooverit March 09, 2012
(archaic) Terran Amateur Press -- a self published science fiction fanzine, often associated with sci-fi conventions or an early CBBS (computer bulletin board systems). TAPA = Terran Amateur Press Association, TAPS = Terran Amateur Press Society
Joe had a great TAP written from the point of view of an alien from alpha centari.
by diverse dancer November 12, 2009
Used to refer to any number of hot girls. Originates from "tap that ass".
"Man look at those two taps over there, they are fine as hell!"
by T1283 September 26, 2008

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