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6 definitions by grena

Use or exploit or take advantage of a plentiful resource for your benefit
The company is hoping to tap into the Chinese market
by grena February 21, 2010
11 0
to become well informed (about) by reading
you need to read up on your Bartlett's
by grena February 18, 2010
9 0
having a mind that works slowly and ineffectively
jesus, what a slow-witted
by grena February 21, 2010
13 8
slang word for lick someone's arse
i had to crawl up the principal's ass just to keep you out of trouble
by grena February 19, 2010
6 2
food made of egg white
if you ever wanna handle your little shmakies again
by grena August 11, 2011
0 0
parasitic insect species notorious for infesting human genitals.
Crotch crabs are little bastards that live in your crotch and bite the hell out of you while hanging onto your pubes for dear life.
by grena February 19, 2010
4 6