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"...unless you're Anthony by day and TAP SUM BONG by night!"
by d00d July 15, 2004
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you say this to your friend when you wanna get high.
To "tap" the bong = to smoke the shit

-Russell Peters
Hey, you wanna tap sum bong .. = hey you wanna get high
by beast February 27, 2005
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He is Anthony by day and Tap Sum Bong by night. Chinaman! Chinaman! Two chopsticks on his shirt. Shooting noodles out of his wrists. Catching bad guys with stale fortune cookies:

Confucius say, "you go to jail, bad boy!"
by Luosu Bidesu January 28, 2009
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From comedian Russell Peters.
Smoking Weed -

This is the Chinese name for an audience member (Anthony)
Lets "Tap Sum Bong"
by GordonJ March 23, 2012
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