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Guitar-manufacturing company.
Wooh! Dude is that a Tansen?
by InnocenceFaded May 02, 2005
5 2
n. Our very white friend Hansen, who recently has become addicted to tanning. aka the Tanimal
We couldn't find Tansen the other night, he had fallen asleep in the tanning booth.


Tansen no longer has a farmer's tan now that he's been tanning all the time.
by JAF1972 March 24, 2007
3 1
Tansen is a nice, awesome, pretty cute dude who stands up for people, but mostly friends. If something is happening, he will be in charge of the situation. All the girls like him, but will not tell him that they even do... He is american but his name is Sanskrit.
Girl: " i like Tansen but i dont want him to know that i do..."

Friend: " Tansen, this kid just called me fat!"
Tansen: " Kid, f**k off. You're fat, why would you be calling other people fat?!"
Kid: " uhh, umm... ok ok sorry whatever..."
by cumonman May 13, 2012
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