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A pedophile around the age of 15 who sexually harasses highschool girls from his secret phone.
Omg tanner wouldnt leave me alone last night! He told me to swerve that pussy!
by Chickabow August 01, 2012
65 61
swolen pussy for example trueman
omfg get a life u tanner
by aspin junk November 29, 2008
4 4
To drop a load in your pants, fart with no remorse or regard for human life
Justin" I ate fermented watermelon and ate burnt toast then laid a Tanner in my pants"
Nick " now your tighty whiteys are Tanner!"
by Vanillagorilla2 September 17, 2013
3 4
An very good looking Jewish kid. Tends to be extremely good with ladies and always leaves them wanting more, usually sexually.
I went over to Tanners house the other night to eat some latkes and bagels, but we ended up having sex instead
by Thatguybehindyou69 September 03, 2012
3 4
to hit someone just barely and make them cry
dude if u dont shut up im gonna tanner you!!!
by jordayne kingslyy November 19, 2010
34 39
A typical douche bag name, typical to a skinny guy who thinks he's funny. A major tiddler.
Oh my god dude shut up, who are you Tanner?
by TMac TMac December 23, 2011
18 27
A nickname for marijuana

Was named after a good friend who was your typical, squinty eyed, slow talking stoner with a cannabis card. It's very useful as a code name, seeing as it can easily be mistaken for the name of a friend if parents/teachers/higher forms of authority are present.

The phrase "going to tanner's house" is also useful when talking about going out to get stoned.
"Dude we got some bomb ass tanner!"

"I got so tannered last night, I can't remember a thing"

"Hey man, wanna go over to tanner's house?"
by omgpseudonym July 23, 2009
92 108