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The acto of "owning" "destroying" "completely mangling" the enemy. Usually used in online multiplayer games, is often tagged to real life though.
That was some pretty awesome tankage when you lobbed that grenade at those grunts.
Holy shit that was some extreme tankage you put on that warthog.
Robbie runs into Robert, whacks straight off him and hits the ground with a loud thud and goes owwwwwwww. Thats tankage
by Polish Gypsy November 12, 2006
The excess amount of butt or ass on a ladies rear. Big butt. Fat ass.
Damn!!! Look at the tankage on that woman!
by ROBBIE03 January 29, 2008
Comes from the verb, to get tanked up. Drinking to get messy and filling your gut with beer, refers predominantly to drinking beer but other alcoholic beverages may be drank to say, that you are tanked up!
It's gona be pure tankage tonight!
by fluffywright April 27, 2006
Complete dominance, ownage, to excell at the task at hand
That baseball homerun was tankage!!
by M+B July 29, 2005
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