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A Person, usually called Tanjo Malibi.

He is a notorious class president who is known for his kupit kupit activities. 10 = 14? XD

Here are some of his Favorites:

Favorite Pokemon : Kabuto
Favorite Province : Masbate
Favorite Food : Hotdog
Favorite Song : Banana < a jejemon song
Favorite Color : Green
Favorite Breeding spot : Sogo XD
Favorite number : 69
Favorite Vegetable : Carrot < ( I don't know why, ha ha)
Favorite Anime Character : Kakarot
Favorite Construction Machinery : Hammerjack
Favorite Teacher : Akon ( for his jokes ex. BON JOVI PA)
Tanjo = Malibi
by Strawhat Natsu :D haha April 17, 2010
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