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Amazing women's soccer team in Pasadena, CA.

Their deliciously orange jerseys are inspired by Tang the powdered fruit-flavored drink, originally formulated for space flight in 1959 — thus the name Tangsta. The team gets their "gangsta" from the musical stylings of Bell Biv Devoe and Coolio, and HBO's Boardwalk Empire.
Not only is Tangsta the number 1 team two seasons in a row, they have the coolest and most sportwomen-like temperaments in the entire Women's league!
by graxeda November 16, 2013
A Fan of the Wu-Tang Clan
gangsta 1: Yo, dawg , have you pre ordered their new album?
gangsta 2: Naw homie, since i got jumped last week i've had to give the boss all my money and can't afford it.
gangsta 1: wow mann, i really had you pinned as a true Tangsta, but clearly not.
*gansgsa 1 then proceeds to murder gangsta 2 for not being a loyal Tangsta*
by TheHairyGoldfish November 10, 2014
A fat nigga that thinks he's a gangsta
HAHA look at that tangsta run from the police
by January 04, 2005
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