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Tangerine Cobra (noun) is a term used to describe a trifling, back-stabbing red-haired person, one who is snake-like in character and deeds.


A tangerine cobra is a synonym for trecherous ginger, especially in the context of intimate relationships.


Sexually enticing red-haired, freckled man or woman whose outward physical charms belie their snakey personalities.
Man, that ginger was cold - she slept with my brother behind my back and had the nerve to take advantage of every kindness from me. She's a tangerine cobra.

I couldn't help myself - even though I knew it was a bad idea I still banged that tangerine cobra at the party.

Dude, tangerine cobras make great lays, but they're fucked in the head.
by Slime Church March 11, 2011
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