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Tangeray is like a fancy glass of wine, goes down easy and leaves a taste in your mouth wanting more. 

Tangeray is the greatest person that ever lived. Anyone who disagrees will get their skullcrushed, set on fire and decapitated piece by piece to the bone and fed to the wolves! They'll love your fresh cooked meat as a tasty treat >=D

Tangeray: slang term for a highly attractive and sexually intriguing individual.

"she drives me crazy, shes such an Tangeray"

1. Girl's name 
2. A very hot girl who is secretly very dirty but no one would know it. 
3. A rampant sex beast - amazing in bed. 
Tangeray is not Clay Akin
by Wwp_ak February 06, 2010
Tangeray; a native American word meaning bangable.

Example- Hey poncho, have you seen Pocahontas lately? Yes I have and she's looking tangeray! When I get her back to th teepee I'm gonna find out. Giggity giggity goo"!
by Wwpak February 06, 2010
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