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Any object that shines bling or illuminate.
1. All my diamonds "Tangalang".

2. Did you see that car rims ? They was "Tangalang".
by DeelowDiamondMan May 24, 2014

Words related to Tang-a-lang

admirable attractive beautiful cute pretty
A women you can define as looking extremely good.
Yo son, you see them Tang-a-lang's over there waiting on line?
by Christopher C Wright February 15, 2006
A word best used when other words do not suffice. The word tanaglang is often found in relation to weird shit, and also in relation to psy-trance. can be used in conjunction with other rhyming words..
A very sexually misplaced word..see also "dylang"
"man..that music is tang...tangalangalang.."

"wanga tangshwang maxi waxa flute..tang a dang wang a mang.."

by Chemical Mafia January 13, 2005