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One who stares at gentleman while licking her lips and caressing her buttox.
"That girl had such a taneka look on her face while she was stareing at me"
by jo boy March 27, 2008
A stupid whore that takes all your dad's money and sits on her lazy ass while not even paying attention to her child that she may not even know the father to. Usually has dick pics on her phone and cheats on every guy she's ever been with. Gets drunk at family gatherings and can't even dress decently.
Eww look at that whore, she must be a taneka.
by Friedchickenwhorebag April 16, 2014
An act of having sexual intercourse in your company's kitchen
"Bro i taneka'd that girl over and over again next to the coffee machine"
by jo boy March 27, 2008

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